Avoid Conflicts of Interest When Buying a Home

If you are looking to buy a house, beware of simply using the real estate agent who is listing the house you’re interested in. The idea that you will get a better deal by not having your own agent to represent you in the transaction is simply false.

Remember that the home owner pays the realtor fees—not the buyer. While often times the home owner’s agent may reduce their commission if the agent finds the buyer, this does not necessarily result in a lower purchase price for you. The agent listing the property has the twin fiduciary duties of loyalty and care to the home owner, not to you. Having your own representation far outweighs any perceived possibility for a reduction in purchase price.

Sure, the listing agent is technically allowed to represent both and the seller, but at what cost? The conflict of interest is unavoidable. The seller wants to achieve the highest purchase price and you want to pay the lowest possible price. How can one agent represent both interests? By using a top-notch realtor to represent you in purchasing a home, you know that you have someone working in your best interest and not the seller’s.

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