Closing the Loop

Many people think of closing the loop as a final step; it is, in our opinion, a step that is used to begin the cycle again, based on an analysis of what has been accomplished and learned up to that point. When a physician client purchases a home through a REALTOR® we’ve… Read More

The Annual Migration

It’s that time of year, when many physicians are preparing for an upcoming career change. Many are completing residencies and fellowships, while others are looking forward to Match Day and graduating from medical school. Our clients tell us the task of relocating… Read More

Second Home Financing for Physicians

Are you in the market for a second home?  If so, congratulations! Not only can you look forward to having a place to relax, you also can garner some tax benefits that will help you build wealth. If you had enough money to pay off your mortgage right now, would you? Many people… Read More

Match Day 2011 – Physician Relocation Specialists

Match Day 2011 is less than 1 week away. Let us make your move easier. We realize that while starting a new phase in your medical career, moving and buying a new home are all exciting endeavors, they can also be stressful. Our mission is to provide you with relocation resources… Read More

Your Credit Score and the Physician Home Loan

Whether you are interested in a physician home loan, an FHA loan or a conventional mortgage, determining your credit worthiness (called a FICO Score), is a necessary first step. If you wish to qualify for a physician loan, it’s important to understand what a FICO score is… Read More

$1,500,000 Home Loan for MD’s (Physicians)

Great news! Our network of Physician Loan Specialists offer physicians a single home loan for $1,500,000!Yes, you read that correctly: 100% finanancing, using only one (1) loan for up to $1,500,000. The program is exclusive to MD’s and requires a mid-FICO score… Read More