Closing the Loop

Studies have shown that real estate consumers want transparency.  Physicians are hard pressed to find companies that are transparent when it comes to physician loans. Our business is built on integrity, honesty and advocacy. Without showing our cards to everyone, we pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible.  Where we can make a difference is in addressing physicians who really want more local expertise, especially first time homebuyers.

Many people think of closing the loop as a final step; it is, in our opinion, a step that is used to begin the cycle again, based on an analysis of what has been accomplished and learned up to that point.  When a physician client purchases a home through a REALTOR® we’ve recommended, we make every attempt to reach all parties to find out how the experience went – from their perspective. We count on referrals from every client to “close the loop”.

Today, I received the following feedback: “Howdy! Thanks for your email. Your team was polite and helpful, and my husband and I love Mary Assadi. Thanks for making our transition easier!”

At Physician Relocation Specialists, we aim to please. It’s exciting to help physicians seeking a recommendation to a top notch REALTOR® or advice on which banker might offer a physician loan program to suit their specific needs.

We wish Debia and Dan the best as they embark on their new adventure as homeowners in Davis. And we thank Mary Assadi for taking excellent care of our clients!



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