Physician Relocation Specialists

Working with professionals makes an experience more enjoyable.  And typically, those experiences go smoothly and are less stressful.  When buying a home for the first time, the team you surround yourself with is key.  They will ensure you are buying the right home… Read More

Real Estate Rebates

Dear Oregon Senators: Real estate commission rebates are good for both the people of Oregon and the economy, regardless of which side of the aisle you sit on.   Ten states, including Oregon, forbid buyer’s brokers from rebating a portion of their commission to the consumer.  … Read More

Closing the Loop

Many people think of closing the loop as a final step; it is, in our opinion, a step that is used to begin the cycle again, based on an analysis of what has been accomplished and learned up to that point. When a physician client purchases a home through a REALTOR® we’ve… Read More

Hats of to the seniors of 2012!

The National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) announced today that 95.1% of U.S. medical school seniors matched. Of the applicants who matched, 81.6% of U.S. seniors matched to one of their top three choices. 56% of U.S. seniors matched to their first choice. This year,… Read More

Congratulations to the Medical Class of 2012!

Congratulations to the class of 2012! You are two days away from knowing where you are headed for residency. Now that you’ll have an income, you can purchase your own home for residency! No more renting – that’s exciting, right? We can save you a tremendous… Read More

Bank of America Launches its New Doctor Loan Program

The Bank of America Doctor Loan is the most widely referenced and recognized loan program of its kind. When Bank of America canceled their program in March of 2009, many physicians were challenged to find alternate home loan solutions that would provide them with perks… Read More

No More Bank of America No Money Down Doctor Loans

While Bank of America’s decision to discontinue the Zero Down Doctor Loan is no surprise in today’s mortgage market, the bigger question: how are graduating med students, residents and fellows and established physicians going to purchase a home today? New physicians… Read More